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Judith Hendler Acri-Gems Cognac Lucite Twist Bracelet

Catalogue: New Century: Jewelry: Pre 1990   item# 773612 (stock# SL1)

Judith Hendler Acri-Gems Cognac Lucite Twist Bracelet
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The talented artist, Judith Hendler, began her jewelry career in the early 1980ís. Experimenting with lucite scraps from her husbandís furniture design studio, she created one of a kind bold gems. On a fortuitous day, designer Nolan Miller spotted Judith wearing one of her pieces, and selected 2 necklaces for Joan Collins to wear on the hit TV series, Dynasty. Soon after, fashion designer, Alfred Fiandaca, ordered several pieces for one of his runway collections which soon put her at the attenti for details

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