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Unusual Gold Fill Repousse Eagle Pin w/ Garnet Eye
Lovely Victorian Gold Fill Carnelian Earrings
Lovely Victorian Gold Fill Coral Dangling Earrings
Beautiful Gutta Percha 14K Victorian Mourning Watch Pin
Collection of 13 Victorian Enamel & Stone Buttons
Pair of Scottish Victorian Banded Agate Gold Fill Pins
Modern Woodmen of the World Gold Fill Ivory Fob
Delicate Antique Sterling & Pearl Ivory Painting Pin
Beautiful Large 14k Ruby Garnet Lion Stick Pin
Gorgeous Victorian Gold Fill Garnet Eye Lion Bracelet
Rhodolite Garnet 14k Sterling Mine Cut Diamond Pin
Elegant Faceted Whitby Jet Victorian Bib Necklace
Mexican Colonial 14K Turquoise Bird Locket Pin
Antique Gunmetal & 14K Lorgnette on 60" Chain
Lovely 14K Chinese Carved Coral Flower Pin
Sophisticated Onyx & 14K Gold Bead Necklace
Stunning Antique French Paste Silver Bracelet
Gorgeous 18K Diamond & Pearl Grape Cluster Pin